Mariya Ryapolova “BURETSVIT”

теґи: Бурецвіт, Mariya, Ryapolova, novel
Назва твору: Бурецвіт
Автор: Mariya, Ryapolova
Видавець: Calvaria Publishing House
Рік: 2010


Yulianna Lebedynska

Buretsvit01minIt is satirical fantasy novel (do not mix up with fantasy humour!). «Buretsvit» is Mariya’s debut novel. But unless you do not know this, you might not say that this novel is written by a freshman.

At first sight the novel looks like a usual adventure quest. A young man named Buretsvit has to find «orchid of destiny" as soon as possible, otherwise he will be in trouble worse than death. Lirina is a seller of more than just exotic plants – agrees to help them. And then the whole lot of adventures on the way to the sacred orchid begins. The task gets more difficult because: a) the orchid is well-protected, b) it is not clear where to look for it. And now, as the saying goes, let’s read between the lines.

He who finds the orchid – practically finds himself. He will be able to achieve any goal, will become immune to any adversities, as they say it «to catch God at his beard». But the way to your own self is not easy. Sometimes whole life is not enough to go through this way. That's why mermaids (they are, by the way, terrestrials and do not have tails) tell the hero to fulfill absolutely foolish at first sight tasks. The mermaids’ actions somehow remind of the principle of work of some psychological schools – in order to get rid of your fear, do that what you are most afraid of. Search for one’s own self is one of the favourite topics of many people. In this book it is shown quite worthy.

Second moment, which deserves standing up and applause for – is indulgence. Merezh – Lirina's apprentice – writes music but is ashamed to play it for Liryna. To be more precise, he makes it look like he is ashamed. She notices his mops and mows, but she feels pity for him and decides to play his game and starts begging him: «Please, play for me, please». The situation repeats with Merezh’s poems, and pictures. And, finally, with prose…

– Will you swear to agree with all that is written there? – asks Merezh in response on another Lirina’s plea to show her his "creation».

– I swear, – answers Lirina with ease.

And who is to blame that on the piece of paper instead of one of his usual nonsense there turned out to be a promise to give her – Lirina’s destiny to the wizard?

She just had better not indulge someone's fancies! By encouraging insanity we only strengthen it. And it is easy to pile on one's agony, and many succeed in this!

However, the heroine is also not that simple-minded and in the end all is good with her. Finally it is to be mentioned, that the author has excellent sense of humour! Take alone the scene in which Buretsvit while completing mermaids’ task steals butter from the shop.

I shall not retell. Read!

Translated by Nataliya Bilyuk